Walk to West Stow, Thetford, 7.62km

Its Saturday morning, the washing machine is taking the t-shirts on a fairground spin. The bright, early winter-deceiving sun ready to shout ‘got you’, as we step outside in search of the warmth. The kettle has finished calling, and breakfast is done. The children are again hard wired into a world of blocky people. Glued to a box of bloated emotional stress. But what if… what if we could open our eyes to the great outdoors. Take the plunge outside and leave the sofa behind…. Wait! We can! I almost forgot that we can actually see real graphics in super high definition. Bonus, we don’t even need to be hard wired. Despite being cold, I remember now. Walking keeps you warm. What a wonderful portable heater. All for free, and great for the environment.

Todays walk takes us to Thetford Forest, West Stow. You can even combine the walk with a visit to the medieval village reconstruction, along the route! The walk was very varied, crossing different types of terrain. Beautiful surroundings and wildlife abundant

Download file: West Stow.gpx

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