How get rid of Pigmentation naturally

I have suffered with pigmentation for a lot of years now and always felt embarrassed by it, so I would often pull my fringe down to try and cover it up. Not so great when swimming or on a windy day as it would reveal my dark spots.

I have tried many ways in the past to help reduce my pigmentation and done a lot of research but nothing seemed to have been so affective as turmeric and yoghurt. Turmeric works to lighten the skin and remove pigmentation and melasma. Natural yoghurt helps whiten the skin, so to have the two combined can be very effective to the darkened areas on your skin.

Another way to help reduce it further, is I tend to wear a baseball hat in the summer and also use Bentonite clay which is a more natural way to protect your skin from the sun and works far more better than sunscreen its self.

Sunscreen actually does more harm than good to your skin.

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